Capture a wall of mcSquares as individual images for sharing with your team

    1. Launch
    2. Take picture of the entire wall
    3. Adjust the framing grid
    4. Save to your camera roll


Collaborating with mcSquares

mcSquares allows you to turn any room into a collaboration arena!



  • "My mcSquare arrived today, and the pictures don't do it justice. Once you see it and hold it, you can feel how well it is made. It's a great product for school, office, and home."

    - Lyndon
  • "Received mine and love it! Great packaging and a very well made product. Congratulations!"

    - Jamie
  • "My classroom has come alive and my studens are super engaged now that we've installed our mcSquare system... BEAUTIFUL PRODUCT!"

    - Mike


  • "My kids love their mcSquares. The classrom comes alive when I start popping them off the wall and hand them out"

    - Theresa


mcSquare Packages