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Limited Time Offer! Free Shipping on all orders!
Limited Time Offer! Free Shipping on all orders!
The Art of Whiteboarding

The Art of Whiteboarding

We passionately believe that everyone has the ability to be creative, and that effective collaboration is the master key that unlocks creativity and innovation.

For the Trees

We plant a tree for every product we sell.

For every product sold, we plant a tree through Trees for the Future, investing in the future of the planet for our families and community. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

The premium finishes on our products are guaranteed to delight you. If you don’t love them, we promise a full refund.

Built in Colorado, USA

We design reusable products and manufacture them in Colorado, where environmental standards are high and we can keep our carbon footprint small.

Product Selection

We value everyone’s ability to contribute to innovation. Our broad range of products facilitate collaboration in classrooms, boardrooms and every experience in between.

Why customers love mcSquares

We believe humans are uniquely creative and innately social. Our highest forms of creativity happen socially, when we work together, communicating face to face. We apply the best of design thinking processes to products that are uniquely useful, elegantly designed, and beautifully made. We are thoroughly committed to your innovative success.

Robb Wilson, Chief Technologist

"mcSquares Tiles energize our design sprints, brainstorming and project planning. We use them as the foundation of our creative and collaborative processes, a building block to our innovative roadmap."

Kelly Almer, 5th Grade Teacher

"mcSquares Tablets unleash student voice and leadership. Students scramble to the Tablets for small group and independent activities, and love to share their work with the entire class. It’s a tenfold increase in student participation!"

Sabrina Wolters, Homeowner

"Reusable, easy to use, durable and the perfect sizes! My mcSquares Stickies attach really well to walls, computer screens, mirrors, doors, the fridge… wherever I used to put Post It Notes. I’ve already gotten hundreds of uses out of them."

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