mcSquares FAQ

mcSquares Features & Dimensions

What is an mcSquare?

Do mcSquares come in other sizes?

What is the size of each mcSquare?

How much does an mcSquare weigh?

Do mcSquares come in other colors?

Are mcSquare writing surfaces magnetic?

Can I stack mcSquares?

What are mcSquares made out of?

Installation & Use

How do mcSquares attach to the wall?

How do you take an mcSquare off of a whiteboard?

What if I already have a traditional dry-erase or whiteboard?

What are mcSquares?

Writing On Your mcSquare

Can I use wet-erase markers on my mcSquare?

Do other dry-erase markers work on mcSquares?

Can a permanent marker be removed from my mcSquare?

Do mcSquare writing surfaces “ghost”?

How do I clean my mcSquare?

Can I draw across multiple mcSquares?

Do you have other mcSquare marker colors?

Drawing Guides & Templates

How do I change the templates/drawing guides in my mcSquare?

Can I create my own drawing guides/templates for my mcSquare?

Purchasing & Customer Service

Do mcSquares have a warranty?

Where can I purchase mcSquares?

What if I want a custom option of mcSquares that I don’t see as on your website?

What if I buy a system of mcSquares now but want to expand it in the future?

Do you offer financing?

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

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