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Collaboration in the Classroom

Collaboration in the Classroom

Collaboration in the Classroom

Collaboration in the Classroom: Enhancing Student Learning through Teamwork

Nothing threatens contemporary education more than distraction and disengagement.

Sometimes the solution is analog.

Connections between ideas and between students are the foundations of 21st Century classrooms. Modern educators know that traditional lectures undermine classroom engagement. Students want to make their own connections between ideas, collaboratively explore problems, and share their creativity with other students. They want to get out of their desks and physically engage with their learning tools.

In the Spring of 2016, mcSquares conducted a breakthrough study over the course of two days with 6th graders in an urban public middle school.

After being given an assignment by their English teacher, students worked collaboratively in small groups before sharing their responses with the rest of the class.

The results uncovered the impressive measurable benefits of increasing collaboration in the classroom with our handheld whiteboard system.

mcSquares provide richer, more diverse, and more collaborative learning experiences for students.

As a learning tool, mcSquares deepens student engagement through haptic and kinesthetic learning experiences.

Having students collaborate in physical spaces is crucial to improving student performance in traditional testing environments, as well as improving engagement about learning.

With the technology and distractions in today’s classroom, students are missing the opportunity to collaborate and create together.

Learn how to transform your classrooms with mcSquares today.

For more information on mcSquares or for the full, accredited study:  |

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