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The 3 M.C. Squares Products You Need Right Now

The 3 M.C. Squares Products You Need Right Now

The 3 M.C. Squares Products You Need Right Now

When it comes to collaboration, we know that not all workspaces are the same.

We’ve created a wide variety of innovative whiteboard tools and many are perfect for you. Here are three of our best-sellers. 

4” x 4” Reusable StickiesReusable Stickies

Stickies are by FAR our customers’ favorite product. Reusable thousands of times, Stickies replace wasteful sticky notes and scratch paper. They stick to shiny surfaces such as appliances, glass, whiteboards, and computer monitors with our super sticky, no-residue BubbleBond® backing. 

We love our Stickies so much, we made them in different sizes, shapes, and colors!

Shop all Stickies by clicking here.

HomeWork Kit

HomeWork Kit

When our non-essential workers went to work from home at the beginning of the Coronavirus crises, we made them each a HomeWork Kit. It’s all the comforts of the office, now available for your home. In a nutshell, we made a bundle with our essential items! The HomeWork Kit includes one 15” x 12” Surfaces, six 4” x 4” Stickies, and a pack of 6 Tackie Markers. Originally $68.00, this bundle is on sale now for only $38.99!

Mini Tiles with Color BandsMini Tiles

Our 5” x 5” Mini Tiles are selling as fast as we make them! And we get it, they’re so unique for organizing, categorizing, planning, delegating… pretty much everything! An M.C. Squares Tile is a magnetic whiteboard card. Using rare-earth magnets, Tiles mount to any magnetic surface including file cabinets, factory equipment, magnetic whiteboards, and even kitchen refrigerators.

Shop all of our Tiles by clicking here.

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