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When All Your Work is Homework

When All Your Work is Homework

When All Your Work is Homework

We’ve all spent the last few months wrangling the chaos of working remotely, going to school online, and keeping everyone healthy at home. And we've all been finding our footing with new routines, systems, and ways of communicating. When our team at M.C. Squares went “remote,” they wanted the comforts of the office, in their homes. So we made the HomeWork Kit.

The HomeWork Kit is our perfect combination of whiteboard tools to organize your household, master online learning, communicate between family members, and get everything else done. It’s been a life-saver for our employees struggling with the same challenges.  

Here’s what we put in it:

Reusable Stickies

Stickies are reusable whiteboard sticky notes. Your HomeWork Kit comes with 6 4" x 4" Stickies. Write and erase any message you'd like on their premium dry-erase finish. And our no-residue BubbleBond™ backing allows you to stick them to almost any shiny surface. 

    • Write a note and stick it to your monitor.
    • Post healthy reminders on your fridge door.
    • Start your day with a mantra on your bathroom mirror.
    • Tag leftovers with the date you made them.

    Versatile Whiteboard

    Our 15" x 12" Surface desktop whiteboard is ideal for learning at home, taking notes, and creating lists. It's a whiteboard that is small enough to sit on your desk as you work, large enough to create signs or messages for your family, and rigid enough to write on no matter where you find yourself needing it. Write on it while it's on your desk, stuck to the wall, or in your hands around the house. It has clean, modern edges and a beautiful, dry-erase writing surface. 

      • Update your to-do list on the fly.
      • Take notes or do scratch math while you are at your desk, then take your ideas with you.
      • Create bright, temporary art with your kids - and reuse thousands of times!

      Smudge-Free Markers

      The 6 smudge-free Tackie Markers included in your HomeWork Kit are like superhero versions of dry-erase markers. When your notes matter, you don’t want them to smudge. Write on your whiteboard surface (or glass - like mirrors!), give it a second to dry, and it’s set! Your writing will only wipe away with a damp cloth. 

        • Stick a label on your water bottle or a reminder on your laptop and throw them into your backpack.
        • Make a to-do list that’s easy to manage and won’t disappear.
        • Use different colors to raise your organization skills to ninja levels

        Chaos-Free Guarantee

        Every HomeWork Kit comes with the whiteboard tools you are craving, AND the certainty that you will love it - or can return it. No hassles given. 

        Eventually, the world is going to return to normal. Until then, we’ve got your organizational needs covered.

        Can our HomeWork Kit help you get back to being healthy, productive, and creative? We guarantee it will.

        Get one now and find out.

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