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Tackie Markers Fine-Point Wet-Erase Markers, 6-Pack


Tackie Markers write flawlessly on dry-erase surfaces and stay smudge-free until you wash them off. These low-odor, wet erase markers are perfect for high traffic spaces, portable dry-erase boards, or mcSquares's personal whiteboard products.

Fine Point Tackie Markers:

  • Feature a precision, polyester-fiber resin tip
  • Will not smudge or erase when touched
  • Easily erase with water

Use Fine Point Tackies when:

  • Taking notes or drawing on any whiteboard or dry-erase surface
  • You want to protect your work from smudges
  • You need to write without worrying about permanent mistakes
  • You have a soft damp cloth for erasing

6 Vibrant Colors (6-pack):
Bright Green, Orange, Red, Purple, Bright Blue, Black

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