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Whiteboard Solutions



12” x 12” layered, stackable dry-erase and wet-erase tool

Dry Erase Tablets

4-in-1 dry-erase system

Tablets are a 4-in-1 dry-erase system with multiple surfaces for collaborative thinking and effective communication.

Choose from:
   clear acrylic

All lock together with strong rare-earth magnets.

Templates for every need

Tablets include 8 templates that go under a transparent acrylic dry-erase board. Templates include:
   thought bubble
   dotted grid
   lined grid
   thinking map
   idea columns

Layered whiteboarding brought to life

Stack multiple layers of clear acrylic whiteboards with strong magnets to develop complex ideas, diagram designs and illustrate layers of ideas.

Tablets magnetically mount to most metal surfaces. They combine perfectly with our Floating Whiteboards and look beautiful together.