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Free Shipping on all orders over $75

Whiteboard Solutions


mcSquares tablets

mcSquares Collaboration Tablets are premium, templated, stackable, hand-held dry-erase boards.

Created for Collaboration

mcSquares were designed with innovation and collaboration in mind. A system built to reinforce team building and independent work, mcSquares collaboration tools were born from the idea that given the right tools, every student will feel comfortable enough to contribute.

4-in-1 Dry Erase System

mcSquares Tablets are a 4-in-1 dry-erase system with multiple surfaces for collaborative thinking and effective communication. Choose from whiteboard, clear acrylic and a black surface as a chalkboard.

If you facilitate classrooms, design practices or brainstorming sessions, use mcSquares Tablets when innovation, collaboration, and creativity are critical to success.

Templates for every need

Tablets include 8 templates that go under a transparent acrylic dry-erase board. The patented system 'snaps' together to hold templates in place. 

Templates include: calendar, thought bubble, dotted grid, lined grid, persona, list, thinking map, idea columns. Print your own for even further flexibility.

Everyone participates with Tablets

The perfect size for working individually and in small groups, mcSquares Tablets gives a voice to every child in a classroom and every member of a meeting. Everyone’s ideas are heard, valued and shared.

Layered whiteboarding simplified

Stack multiple layers of clear acrylic whiteboards with strong magnets to develop complex ideas, diagram designs and illustrate layers of ideas.

Tablets magnetically mount to most metal surfaces. They combine perfectly with our Floating Whiteboards and look beautiful together.

  • Tablets
    from $64.99


    Premium, templated, hand-held dry-erase tablets for facilitators who want to inspire creative thought within structured content. Hand-held, magnet...

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  • Rolling Easel with Tablets
    from $3,199.99

    Rolling Easel with Tablets

      Combine two great collaboration tools with Rolling Easels & Tablets. Rolling Easels glide on industrial casters and lock into place. Crafted...

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  • Tablets with Whiteboard
    from $329.99

    Tablets with Whiteboard

    mcSquares Tablets are premium, templated, hand-held dry-erase tablets for facilitators who want to inspire creative thought within structured cont...

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Why Customers Love Tablets

We believe humans are uniquely creative and innately social. 
Our highest forms of creativity happen socially, when we work together, communicating face to face. 
We apply the best of design thinking processes to products that are uniquely useful, elegantly designed, and beautifully made. 
We are thoroughly committed to your innovative success.

Sarah Anderson, 3rd Grade Teacher

"We use Tablets for students to organize concepts and practice problems for me to assess. They move easily to the Floating Whiteboard at the front of the room. They work phenomenally!"

Michele Vigil-Curry, Montessori Teacher

"I bought Tablets for student responses during reader's workshop. They're a great size for students to write a quick connections and help us to use more reusable products in our classroom."

Thomas Augros, Math Teacher

"We use Tablets with the lined grid template to plot linear equations and share work with the class. Kids like the ability to easily erase their work to make corrections. I like that everyone is participating."

Satisfaction Guarantee

The premium finishes on our products are guaranteed to delight you. If you don’t love them, we promise a full refund.

Built in Colorado, USA

We design reusable products and manufacture them in Colorado, where environmental standards are high and we can keep our carbon footprint small.

Product Selection

We value everyone’s ability to contribute to innovation. Our broad range of products facilitate collaboration in classrooms, boardrooms and every experience in between.