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Shark Tank Special! FREE SHIPPING in the USA. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.
Shark Tank Special! FREE SHIPPING in the USA. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

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How mcSquares is helping your customers

A Gift of Real Use

mcSquares, the leader in personal whiteboarding products, wants to help you support your customers. It’s why we’re making HomeWork Gift Kits featuring work-from-home tools that will keep them productive while they are away from the office.

It’s the perfect gift, at the perfect time.

Tailored to Their Needs

Send a custom HomeWork Kit directly to your customers who are working from home for the wholesale price - with a minimum of 10 customers, each at a different company.

Combine their ideal personal whiteboard with markers and reusable sticky notes. We’ll take care of the drop-shipping and follow-up.

Best Uses

• Note Taking

• To Do’s

• Project Management

• Creative Problem Solving

• Process Mapping

Fan Love

“HomeWork Kits are all the comforts of the office - at home. I didn’t realize how much I relied on whiteboarding tools until I didn’t have them.” 

- Susanah G., Denver, CO

“So grateful to have a whiteboard and reusable stickies at my desk so I can focus on just getting my job done. I’m done buying scratch paper and sticky notes now that I have a HomeWork Kit from mcSquares.” 

- Chris F., Everett, WA

Interested in Creating a HomeWork Kit for your customers? Contact our product specialist, Ben!

Email Ben Cummings

Or call (720) 668-0186