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The Art of Whiteboarding

Our Vision: Human Connection

Our vision is to create meaningful human connections in a time of increasing separation caused by technology.

We are building an ecosystem of collaboration tools that empower communication, discovery, and innovation.

Our Core Values

We believe CREATIVITY is an essential human trait

Humans are uniquely creative and innately social. Our highest forms of creativity happen socially, when we work together, communicating face to face. 

We value richness of EXPERIENCE

We are champions of exceptional customer experiences, starting with our dedication to customer service. We apply the best of design thinking processes to the creation of products that are uniquely useful, elegantly designed, beautifully made and exquisitely packaged. 

We understand that innovation is an INCLUSIVE process

We value everyone’s ability to contribute to innovation and strive to give everyone a voice. We advocate for inclusive representation in classrooms, boardrooms and every collaborative experience in between. 

We operate with RESPONSIBILITY

We design reusable products and manufacture them in Colorado, where environmental standards are high and we can keep our carbon footprint small. 

For every product sold, we plant a tree through Trees for the Future, investing in the future of the planet for our families and community. 

We love PEOPLE

We are open to other ways of thinking and doing, giving air-time to all ideas and suggestions. We assume the best about each other and bring our best selves to each interaction.

Our Founder

Our founder Anthony Franco is dedicated to building human connection with premium collaboration tools. He’s built and sold five companies, won 74 technology awards, 62 design awards, 37 innovation awards, 35 marketing awards, 27 mobile awards and 24 business awards.

He appears on the May 13, 2020 episode of ABC's Shark Tank.

Improve Organizational Collaboration

M.C. Squares are designed with innovation and collaboration in mind. A system built to reinforce team-building and independent work, our tools give a voice to everyone in the room, from classrooms to boardrooms. We bring together communities of engaged participants. We live at the intersection of learning, collaboration, progress and invention.

For the Trees

We plant a tree for every order placed.

For every order placed, we plant a tree through Trees for the Future, investing in the future of the planet for our families and community.