Collaborating with mcSquares

Businesses around the globe are increasing collaboration, employee engagement, and productivity with mcSquares.


  • turn any room into a collaboration hub
  • democratize ideation
  • pull focus from the facilitator and into the group
  • allow less vocal group members to share ideas
  • no buzzword technology to learn, zero training time 
  • increase productivity by facilitating simultaneous work
  • customize the idea flow using our drawing guides
  • sort ideas in real time using the mounting bracket system
  • capture and your results with our iPhone app


  • Architecture Firms
  • Creative Agencies
  • Educational Settings
  • Retail Environments 
  • Government Institutions 
  • Engineering Settings
  • Technical Development Teams
  • Construction and Project Management 
  • Any place you want to increase collaboration and involve your team


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  • "My mcSquare arrived today, and the pictures don't do it justice. Once you see it and hold it, you can feel how well it is made. It's a great product for school, office, and home."

    - Lyndon
  • "Received mine and love it! Great packaging and a very well made product."

    - Jamie