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For educators today, increasing collaboration in the classroom is more important than ever. With mcSquares, your students ideas will come to life - immediately. Our handheld whiteboards give students the power to work individually, pulling the focus from you as the instructor and into the classroom as a whole.


  • Pulls focus away from the front of the classroom
  • Allows students to work individually and as a group
  • Create a collaborative learning environment 
  • Give every student an opportunity to participate, even those who may not typically speak up
  • Ideal for visual, kinesthetic and haptic learning styles
  • 340% increase in testing pass rates
  • Students love them - 72% prefer mcSquares


  • Educators 
  • Principals
  • School nurses and support staff
  • Administrators
  • Trainers
  • Librarians
  • Student Groups
  • Maker Space Organizers


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  • "My classroom has come alive and my students are super engaged now that we've installed our mcSquare system... BEAUTIFUL PRODUCT!"

    - Mike, 1st grade teacher
  • "My kids love their mcSquares. The classrom comes alive when I start popping them off the wall and hand them out"

    - Theresa, 8th grade teacher
  • “I like how interactive they are and I love them.”

    - Jennifer, 7th grade science student
  •  “I like it because on paper and pencil you waste paper but with the mcSquares all you have to do is erase.”  

    - Silas, 4th grade student 
  •  “They are cool to use and make learning fun.”  

    - Alicia, 2nd grade student