Frequently Asked Questions

Installation & Use

How do mcSquares attach to the wall?

mcSquares have strong neodymium magnets embedded into the back side of their frames. This allows them to stick to most metals and to our mounting brackets. To attach an mcSquare to a mounting bracket , simply line the edges of your mcSquare to the edges of your mounting bracket and connect them. Your mcSquare should “jump” out of your hand with hardly any effort.

How do you attach the mcSquare mounting bracket to the wall?

Your mcSquare mounting bracket can be installed to multiple wall surfaces. Included with your mcSquare are two Philips head screws and two dry-wall anchors. To install into dry wall, you will want to level your mcSquare on the wall and mark your screw holes. Drill your pilot holes with a 3/16 drill bit and tap in your anchors. Place your mcSquare over the holes and drill in your screws. Make sure to re-level before you tighten them fully. Continue this with process with your other mounting brackets working off of your first one. Please note: There is scary stuff behind your walls like wires and insulation – always know what you are drilling into before you start and if you are unfamiliar with your tools/wall, please consult a professional.

How do you take an mcSquare off of the system?

mcSquares are designed to pop off of their mounting brackets. Deliberately press any corner of your mcSquare straight back into the wall and your mcSquare will pivot off of the corner of the mounting bracket and will expose the opposing corner for you to grab and then remove.

Do I have to install my mcSquare system as a rectangle?

No, of course not. mcSquares are designed to be extremely flexible. Every mounting bracket it installed separately from one another – this allows you to create whatever shape or size system you want. Your system is only limited to your imagination.

What if I already have a traditional dry-erase or whiteboard?

That’s okay! mcSquares can replace your old whiteboards or supplement them. There is no other product out there like mcSquares so by replacing your old whiteboard with an mcSquare system will give you the same functionality of your old, tired dry-erase with the addition of a ton of new features that you can only get with mcSquares.

Do you have any videos that show how you can install your mcSquare system?

Yes, please visit this page for the install video

Drawing Guides & Templates

How do I change the templates/drawing guides in my mcSquare?

You change your templates out by popping the transparent top off of the black bottom frame. You can do this by prying at the seam at the corner where the top meets the frame. Once you have it slightly ajar, go to the next corner and pop that seem off until you are able to easily separate the two parts. Place whatever template you’d like on top and snap the top back on top the frame If you are having trouble separating the top from the frame, use the back side of your eraser as a pry tool.

Can I create my own drawing guides/templates for my mcSquare?

Of course - we always encourage our customers to create and customize their own drawing guides and templates to fit their individual needs. 

Writing On Your mcSquare

Can I use wet-erase markers on my mcSquare?

Yes, you can use a wide variety of wet-erase and paint pens on your mcSquare! Just clean using a soft cloth and water! 

Do other dry-erase markers work on mcSquares?

Absolutely. While mcSquare snap-fit pens give you to write and erase the best, all other dry-erase markers will work on your mcSquare.

Can a permanent marker be removed from my mcSquare?

Yes. Draw over the permanent marker with a black mcSquare dry-erase marker and erase with a soft cloth or paper towel. Repeat as needed.

Do mcSquare writing surfaces “ghost”?

We have taken every precaution we can to fight against “ghosting”. In our lab, our special dry-erase surface has yet to ghost after years of testing. We stand behind our writing surfaces 100% and if you experience any staining or “ghosting” just ship us the top and we will ship you a new top, no questions asked.

How do I clean my mcSquare?

You can clean your mcSquare with a simple solution of warm water and a few drops of white vinegar. Please stay away from harsh chemical cleaners that may degrade the quality of your mcSquare.

Can I draw across multiple mcSquares?

Yes, your ideas and drawings are never limited to the confines of an mcSquare. Our customers draw across multiple mcSquares just as they would with a traditional whiteboard.

Do you have other mcSquare marker colors?

Yes, we offer four-packs of mcSquare dry-erase markers with the colors Red, Blue, Purple, and Black. Any other dry-erase marker brand should also work for you.

mcSquares Features & Dimensions

What is an mcSquare?

mcSquares are a revolutionary new collaborative whiteboard product. Our modular dry-erase tiles are designed to be infinitely flexible and completely customizable.

Do mcSquares come in other sizes?

Right now mcSquares only come in one size. Please continue to follow us as we develop more products.

What is the size of each mcSquare?

Each mcSquare is 11.125” x 11.125” x 1”

How much does an mcSquare weigh?

An mcSquare weighs just over one pound.

Do mcSquares come in other colors?

At this time, mcSquares only come in one color. However, you can make the system any color you want by printing out your own color templates!

Are mcSquare writing surfaces magnetic?

mcSquare writing surfaces are not magnetic. Stay tuned as we develop more products!

Can I snap two mcSquares back-to-back?

Yes, mcSquares have magnets with opposing polarity so you are able to snap them back to back allowing you to bring them on the go with you for study sessions and coffee shop meetings.

What are mcSquares made out of?

mcSquares are produced using high quality ABS plastic, acrylic and a specialty dry-erase film we've located after years of research.

Purchasing & Customer Service

Do mcSquares have a warranty?

Yes! mcSquares has a 15 year warranty against manufacture defects. Additionally, mcSquares offers a full two year warranty against ghosting and cracking of the dry-erase surface! You can read our full warranty here

Where can I purchase mcSquares?

You can purchase mcSquares right here off our website at or Amazon. If you would like help with a purchase, or for volume orders larger than those listed on our website, please contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

What if I want a custom option of mcSquares that I don’t see as on your website?

We can always accommodate custom orders. Please reach out to us at for help with any custom package.

What if I buy a system of mcSquares now but want to expand it in the future?

mcSquares are designed to flexible. Expanding your system is as easy as buying more mcSquares and adding them to your existing system!

Do you offer financing?

We are currently considering special financing for certain customers - If you would like this as an option, please contact us at

Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Please contact if you need any assistance.