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mcSquares Stickies

What Are mcSquares Stickies?


mcSquares Stickies are reusable, dry-erase, adhesive-free stickers.


How can they be adhesive-free and still stick? 


The sticky part is a special foam called Bubble Bond Tape that actually form microscopic suction cups, almost like hundreds of octopus tentacles. When you press them on smooth surfaces, they form hundreds of tiny vacuums and stay that way.


Can Stickies damage what they are sticking to?


In rare circumstances they can bond to inexpensive, porrly applied paint. Essentially, the vacuum forms so strong that the Stickie can pull the paint off. We have seen this happen once on cheap paint that was applied to unprimered aluminum. We recomend that you test Stickies on very smooth painted surfaces before using.


Will they stick to anything?


Almost anything smooth. Because they work with suction, they attach to non-porous materials. We've tested them on everything from glass to file cabinets, to dry-erase boards, and even satin painted textured dry-wall.


How long will a Stickie stay put?


They should stick for years on clean, smooth surfaces. As long as there is no way for the vacuum to escape, they'll stick there for a very long time.


How long will my Stickies last?


They will last up to 2,000 sticks - more if you do not wrinkle them and you store them in a cool-dry place when not in use.


What if my Stickie stops sticking?


That means it is dirty. When dirt gets into the microsuction pockets, they will stop adhearing. Simply wash the back of your Sticky off with a little dish soap and water, let them dry, and they will stick as good as new.


I want to buy some of the BubbleBond material that's used on the back. Where can I get it?


Actually, we are the exclusive, world-wide distributor of BubbleBond tape. Contact us at if you want more info.


mcSquares Tiles

What Are mcSquares Tiles


mcSquares Tiles are magnetic dry-erase tiles. If you need to plan your next big project, categorize your production processes or just keep your thoughts organized, mcSquares Tiles are the perfect, easy to use solution.


Will they stick to my fridge?


Many refrigerators have ferrous metals in them (meaning they attract magnets). If cheap store-bought magnets stick you your fridge, Tiles will work very well!


What are Tiles made out of?


They are made of a lightweight composite material, consisting of a plastic core and a thin aluminum skin. One side is painted with a durable, high-performance dry-erase enamel and on the back side we attach a rare-earth magnet. They sit a little off the surface they are sticking to, making them easy to move around.


I want to purchase Tiles in bulk


Contact us at if you want more info or check send us a message on our Contact Us page.


mcSquares Tablets

What are mcSquares Tablets


mcSquares are a 4-in-one dry-erase system that includes multiple surfaces which enable collaborative thinking and effective communication. They are modular tools that foster innovation by encouraging individuals to comfortably contribute in team environments.


Do mcSquares Tablets come in different sizes?


mcSquares only come in one size, 11.25 inches square. These allow them to work very well with the included Drawing Guides.


Are mcSquares Tablets writing surfaces magnetic?


mcSquare writing surfaces are not magnetic. mcSquares have 4 magnets on the front which allow for any other magnetic object, like the Anti-Gravity Dry-Erase Marker, to connect.


What are mcSquares Tablets made out of?


mcSquares are produced using a high quality dry-erase coated acrylic and an aluminum composite material with specialty dry-erase and wet-erase surfaces.


Do any dry-erase markers work with mcSquares Tablets?


Yes - and wet-erase markers too. But check out our line of markers which are ideally designed to work with the mcSquares system of products.


Will mcSquares Tablets "Ghost"?


We have taken every precaution we can to fight against “ghosting”. In our lab, our special dry-erase surface has yet to ghost after years of testing. We stand behind our writing surfaces 100% and if you experience any staining or “ghosting” just ship us the top and we will ship you a new top, no questions asked.


How do I clean my mcSquare?


You can clean your mcSquares Tablets with a simple solution of warm water and a few drops of white vinegar. Please stay away from harsh chemical cleaners that may degrade the quality of your mcSquares Tablets.


mcSquares Whiteboards

Why are mcSquares Whiteboards different than other whiteboards?

mcSquares dry-erase boards are different than other dry-erase boards because...

mcSquares Accessories

What are mcSquares Anti- Gravity Dry- Erase Markers? 


mcSquares Anti-Gravity Dry-Erase Markers are dry-erase markers the ability to be stored horizontally on any dry-erase board, elongating the lifespan of your dry-erase markers.


mcSquares - The Company

Where is the mcSquares shop located?


The mcSquares shop is located in the heart of downtown Denver, Colorado at 2150 Market Street Denver, Colorado 80205. You can see a map on our contact page.

Where are mcSquares manufactured? 


All mcSquares products are designed and manufactured in Denver, Colorado, where our shop and team are located.

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