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Click Here to invest in our 400% growth at StartEngine now!
Click Here to invest in our 400% growth at StartEngine now!

Invest with M.C. Squares

At M.C. Squares®, we’ve taken the traditional whiteboard and reimagined it into a family of eco-friendly products that foster creativity, productivity, and collaboration in offices and learning environments around the globe.

Our customers are quickly discovering that our products are critical for working and learning at home. What we do is not rocket science, it’s social science—creating sustainable tools that boost innovation and productivity.


The Investment Opportunity

Demand for our personal whiteboarding tools is exploding right now. We're racing to fill orders for individuals and entire teams who are stocking up on the tools they need to carry on with working and learning from home.

We’re already moving with over two million dollars in lifetime sales.

We have already experienced tremendous growth, success and excitement over our innovative products. In Q1 and Q2 of 2019, we experienced 45% month over month growth. People are talking about M.C. Squares and for good reason.

● Well Established: $2M in lifetime sales.

● Strong Brand: We are not a single product company; over 50 SKUs in 6 product categories (and growing).

● Made in America: We have mitigated our supply-chain risks by bringing manufacturing in-house.

● We Are Growing: $300k revenue in first quarter of 2020 (an increase of 600% over Q1 2019).

● Unfair Competitive Advantages: 3 trademarks issued, 2 pending; and 3 patents issued with 6 pending.


Reg CF Campaign Underway

Join our investors on our Reg CF campaign on StartEngine to claim your piece of this rapidly growing and increasingly relevant enterprise.

We are a small team of designers and engineers dedicated to bring you tools that cultivate collaboration and inspire creativity.