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Start 2021 with a clean slate!
Get organized with Planners and ToDo Lists now!
Start 2021 with a clean slate!
Get organized with Planners and ToDo Lists now!

At School

Eliminate the Learning Curve


In today's modern classroom, students have dozens of distractions vying for their attention. Boredom and disengagement are constant problems in the traditional classroom setting, and now students are consumed with ever increasing screen time as opposed to interacting with their teachers and peers. mcSquares enhance student learning experiences through haptic and kinesthetic learning, as well as allowing students to engage with each their classmates as well as their teachers.



mcSquares were designed with innovation and collaboration in mind. A system built to reinforce team building and independent work, mcSquares collaboration tools were born from the idea that given the right tools, every student will feel comfortable enough to contribute.



mcSquares pull focus away from the front of the classroom and allow students to work both individually and as a group. They create a collaborative learning environment, and give every student an opportunity to participate- even those who may not typically speak up. Providing less screen time and more kinesthetic learning, mcSquares have proven to increase testing pass rates by 340%.



In a world of increasing screen time, mcSquares increase student to student and student to teacher interaction through engaged learning.



mcSquares are proven to increase passing grades by a whopping 340%, while improving overall test scores by 48%.



mcSquares give students the confidence to participate by promoting classroom interaction in both group and individual settings

We are a small team of designers and engineers dedicated to bring you tools that cultivate collaboration and inspire creativity.