The mcSquares Product Lineup

from quick note-taking to corporate innovation, mcSquares has you covered


Thousands of design hours and hundreds of prototypes go in to crafting every product we make. If we don't love it, we don't launch it.


The entire product family is a system that works together. Here are a few examples:

  • Magnets are aligned so that Tiles, Tablets, and Anti-Gravity Pens connect with one-another.
  • Each product is sized to nest within the other, from Mini-Tiles through Tablets to Whiteboards.
  • The same 6 colors are used throughout the system, keeping everything looking consistant and thematically organized.


reusable, dry-erase, adhesive-free, stickers that last up to 2,000 uses each

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Mini Tiles and Large Tiles

Organize, categorize, plan and delegate with Mini and Large hand-held, frameless dry-erase Tiles. Mini Tiles are 5 1/4" square and large tiles are 11" square.

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Tile Kits

Mini, Large, Column and Header Tiles in stacking kits for the ultimate solution in organized categorization

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Premium, templated, stackable, hand-held dry-erase boards. Available with matching frameless magnetic whiteboard.

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Frameless, magnetic whiteboards at just the right size for your space.

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Products designed to enhance your mcSquares experience

Anti-Gravity Dry-Erase Markers

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Chisel-tip dry erase markers with embeded hanging magnet in the bottom 6 Colors: Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Red, Black

Tackie Smudge-Free Markers

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Smudge-free markers for dry-erase surfaces that erase with water. 6 Colors: Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Red, Black

Dry-Erase Magnetic Divider

Magnetic dry-erase strip to help you categorize your magnetic whiteboard  

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Mini-Tile Color Tags

debossed, silicone bands to tag your mcSquares Mini Tiles with color. 6 Colors: Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Red, Black

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