Stickies are reusable, dry-erase, adhesive free stickers; an eco-friendly replacement for post-it notes.


And Have Fun Doing It!
mcSquares Stickies work on almost any smooth surface including glass, acrylic, steel, aluminum, smooth walls, cabinets, mirrors, dry-erase boards, and other mcSquares Stickies.

They're ideal for organizing your life, posting reminders, creative brainstorming, taking notes at your desk, leaving notes, or to-do lists.


mcSquares Stickies feature a high quality dry-erase front and an aerospace grade BubbleBond tape on the back.

Should they stop sticking because they get dirty, just wash off the back to clear off any dust and they stick just like new!


Under normal use each Stickie will last 2,000 sticks and erases each.

A single 6-Pack of mcSquares Stickies replaces over 12,000 Post-It Notes costing over $200.

That's double the green savings! (your cash and some trees)

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mcSquares Stickies

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reusable, dry-erase, adhesive-free stickers that last up to 2,000 uses each

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