Give your Employees the Tools they Deserve.

Stickies are reusable, dry-erase, adhesive free stickers; an eco-friendly replacement for post-it notes.

Innovate your Office

With increasing screen time and heads constantly buried in phones, it has become increasingly difficult to generate participation in the work place. Brainstorming sessions often fall short, and meetings maintain a steady rhythm of the same employees discussing their ideas. mcSquares Stickies get back to the basics, and supply innovative collaboration techniques and increased participation through a world of non-permanence.  

Where they Work

mcSquares Stickies adhere to almost any smooth surface. While they aren't magnetic, the aerospace grade BubbleBond tape on their backs will not leave a film on any surface. With use, your mcSquares Stickie may attract dust and lose adhesiveness over time, but a simple rinse with water will revitalized their ability to stick. Each mcSquares Stickie can be used up to 2,000 times each, so you can save money while saving the trees.

Foster Participation

A system built to reinforce team building and independent work, mcSquares Stickies were born from the idea that given the right tools, everyone will feel comfortable enough to contribute. mcSquares take out the fear of group participation by enabling everyone to respond through written work. Their fluid nature means that ideas can grow as your creativity does, and that all participants will feel comfortable in contributing their own thoughts. This means ideas surface you may not have heard before, and that is the essence of innovation.  

mcSquares Tackie Markers

mcSquares Tackie Markers are smudge-free markers for dry-erase surfaces that erase with water. They keep workflow streamlined while maintaining crips, smudge free lines. mcSquares Tackie Markers erase with water and won't stain your dry-erase surfaces, so you can keep collaborating without the distraction of old ideas.

The future of collaboration is here with a limited time offer

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