mcSquares Collaboration Tablets

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Premium, templated, hand-held dry-erase tablets for facilitators who want to inspire creative thought within structured content.

Turn your dull, unproductive meetings into energy-charged collaborative sessions! mcSquares Tablets are a 4-in-1 dry-erase system that includes multiple surfaces to enable collaborative thinking and effective communication.

They are modular tools that foster innovation by encouraging individuals to comfortably contribute in team environments. mcSquares are incredibly versatile.

    With mcSquares Tablets, everyone’s ideas are heard, valued and shared: even those ideas which are routinely kept private by people who aren't comfortable in group settings. 

    • Hand-held, magnetic, dry-erase tablet
    • Stackable, Templated, Wet-Erase, Dry-Erase
    • Mounts to any magnetic surface
    • 8 drawing templates & dry-erase marker included with every Tablet
    • Take Your Collaboration To The Next Level!

    Each mcSquare Collaboration Tablet Comes With:

    • Transparent, durable, dry-erase top
    • Reversible back - 1 side dry-erase, 1 side black
    • 8 Drawing Guide Templates:
      • Calendar
      • To Do List
      • Thought Bubble
      • Mind Map
      • Dotted Grid
      • Lined Grid
      • Persona
      • Category Columns
    • mcSquare Anti-Gravity Dry-Erase Marker