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25% off BEST SELLERS and free shipping!
25% off BEST SELLERS and free shipping!

Tackie Markers, 6-Pack


Smudge free markers for dry-erase surfaces that easily erase with water.


  • Will not smudge or erase when touched
  • Easily erases with water
  • Feature a medium, polyester-fiber resin tip
  • 6 bold colors: red, orange, purple, blue, green, black

Use Tackies when:

  • Writing on any whiteboard or dry-erase surface
  • You don’t want to smudge your work
  • You need a fine tip for detailed notes or drawing
  • You have a soft damp cloth for erasing 

If your Tackie dries out:

  • Run under water for one second.
  • Replace cap and shake vigorously.
  • Write on scratch paper until excess water is gone.
  • Resume use.

If your Tackies won’t erase:

  • Mix water and rubbing alcohol in equal parts.
  • Wipe onto the whiteboard with a soft cloth.
  • Wipe away.

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